Stephen Price and Cooper Johnson

Another fresh week and we have some fresh Jason Sparks porn content all ready for you. In this hot scene we bring you Stephen Prince and Cooper Johnson two hot hairyboyz. Cooper did appear before in another one of our galleries and he’s making a return for today’s shoot. We wanted to pair this submissive guy with the bigger Stephen as he’s more dominant to see how they’d fair together in a scene. So with that, we called them both in and we let them know they’d be shooting together today. And Stephen was just so happy to get to shoot with Cooper.

Well Jason Sparks was the one directing this whole thing and he really wanted to see them make magic happen. And that it did. Cooper had no trouble taking on his submissive role as Stephen got the role of the alpha male taking advantage of his tight little ass. So without due, let’s watch them go at it for this evening shoot that’s sure to please you. Watch as Stephen treats Cooper as his little man slut for the day and fucks his ass hard style with his big and hard cock. And you’ll get to see Cooper enjoy every moment of he hard anal probing that was done on him today.


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