Jason Sparks video – Sucking Tanner Wayne’s cock

Well we’ve been hinting that we’re going to bring you another Jason Sparks video and here it is. A bit low quality but still a enjoyable experience. The horny Jason was on a short trip this weekend and he seemed to have picked up a fresh and horny fraternity x guy that was as eager as him to fuck tonight. If you don’t know his name by know you’ll surely know it after this gay sex scene everyone. You just have to see your favorite hunk taking one thorough dicking from his new friend right here. They went at it for the whole night in their hard style ass fucking fuck fest just for you.

As you may know JasonSparks and the crew said that we’d bring you some fresh and new content every week. And we say that we’ve kept our end of the bargain so far. And don’t worry we don’t intend to break it right now. Watch as Jason sucks on Tanner’s big dick for a nice start. And then watch him bending over to take that giant dick balls deep in his tight little ass. We also want to remind you to check the past updates as well, you won’t be disanointed one bit by them. And with that we’re taking our leave and letting you enjoy this to the fullest. Bye bye!