Jason Sparks video – Sucking Tanner Wayne’s cock

Well we’ve been hinting that we’re going to bring you another Jason Sparks video and here it is. A bit low quality but still a enjoyable experience. The horny Jason was on a short trip this weekend and he seemed to have picked up a fresh and horny fraternity x guy that was as eager as him to fuck tonight. If you don’t know his name by know you’ll surely know it after this gay sex scene everyone. You just have to see your favorite hunk taking one thorough dicking from his new friend right here. They went at it for the whole night in their hard style ass fucking fuck fest just for you.

As you may know JasonSparks and the crew said that we’d bring you some fresh and new content every week. And we say that we’ve kept our end of the bargain so far. And don’t worry we don’t intend to break it right now. Watch as Jason sucks on Tanner’s big dick for a nice start. And then watch him bending over to take that giant dick balls deep in his tight little ass. We also want to remind you to check the past updates as well, you won’t be disanointed one bit by them. And with that we’re taking our leave and letting you enjoy this to the fullest. Bye bye!


Jason Sparks – Fucking with Jake Steel

Hey there guys, Jason Sparks porn returns today with your favorite guy. This gay porn star returns to the galleries that bear his name for this amazing scene. He said that he’d been really busy lately hence the lack of him in all of the galleries. But he did find time to get together  with Jake Steel to shoot one amazing and fresh gallery for everyone to enjoy today. We hope that you’ll enjoy this to the fullest as we can’t really say, even he can’t really say when he’ll be getting to do this once again. So let’s all sit back and watch what these two will do today.

Jason Sparks takes the time to kiss the good little piggy boy Jake passionately before moving on to more naughty things and you just have to see this guys kissing and caressing as they undress from their tight clothes. Jason reveals his buddy’s big cock as the guy is happy to feel Jason’s hands all over him. then he kneels down and starts sucking on Jason’s cock like there’s no tomorrow slurping and deep throating that bad boy like he never did before. Enjoy their little sexual get together for this gallery guys and enjoy. You know where to find us for the next updates. Good bye and see you soon!


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Stephen Price and Cooper Johnson

Another fresh week and we have some fresh Jason Sparks porn content all ready for you. In this hot scene we bring you Stephen Prince and Cooper Johnson two hot hairyboyz. Cooper did appear before in another one of our galleries and he’s making a return for today’s shoot. We wanted to pair this submissive guy with the bigger Stephen as he’s more dominant to see how they’d fair together in a scene. So with that, we called them both in and we let them know they’d be shooting together today. And Stephen was just so happy to get to shoot with Cooper.

Well Jason Sparks was the one directing this whole thing and he really wanted to see them make magic happen. And that it did. Cooper had no trouble taking on his submissive role as Stephen got the role of the alpha male taking advantage of his tight little ass. So without due, let’s watch them go at it for this evening shoot that’s sure to please you. Watch as Stephen treats Cooper as his little man slut for the day and fucks his ass hard style with his big and hard cock. And you’ll get to see Cooper enjoy every moment of he hard anal probing that was done on him today.


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Jason Sparks – Delvie Baptiste and Cody Smith

Today’s Jason Sparks porn update brings you another pair of horny guys that are here to entertain you in Jason’s absence. It seemed that the guy is rather busy lately so he rarely gets to shoot anything any more. But lucky for us and you he’s always got things covered so this time he has Delvie Baptiste and Cody Smith to entertain you. These two studs are all horny and ready to put on one great show for everyone. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s see what the two guys are going to do to entertain you for tonight. So let’s get this show on the road.

JasonSparks as you know, always brings you his best stuff and today serves as proof once more. These two guys start their little sex session with a nice blow job as Delvie kneels down to sample some of his buddy’s cock. Watch him sucking and slurping on that meat pole for your viewing pleasure today and enjoy guys. then see him lye on his belly as Cody penetrates his tight ass. Watch him moan in pleasure of the balls deep anal fucking that he’s getting tonight. As always we hope you enjoyed and come back next week for another sweet update. If you wanna see other hot males getting naked, visit the tabloid men site and have fun!


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JasonSparks – Dustin Tyler and Zack Taylor

One more week and another batch of fresh JasonSparks videos all primed and ready for you. This time we have here two incredible hunks of men that will make you enjoy your day. They are Dustin Tyler and Zack Taylor. And both beary boyz came here to take some cock up the ass and also suck it to the best of their abilities. Well since they got paired today they couldn’t decide on who to take the reins for the Jason Sparks porn scene. Eventually they both settled on taking turns to suck those cock and presenting those tight asses for a good fucking tonight.

They seemed really eager and happy to go along with this session and we say it turned out great in the end for everyone. As this scene starts the two horny guys take time to lick each others asses before sucking those cocks. And when it comes to that they do the same great job as well. When both of them are all hard and ready for the next step, they waste no time. Watch them taking turns to fuck themselves in the ass today guys and enjoy. As always we’ll be back next week with more content. Until then have fun with this one. Bye bye!


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Jason Sparks – Garrett Cooper and Chase Evans

Another fresh week and time for another superb update featuring some Jason Sparks videos all ready for your viewing pleasure. Garrett returns from the last update to make a nice encore appearance for everyone today. This horny gay is a really sex addicted! Suffice to say that he really impressed everyone with the last scene he was in and today that got him one bonus appearance in this hot video. So let’s not waste any more time and watch him go at this sex session with another green horn here named Chase Evans. Chase is this blonde guy that’s always submissive.

As the scene starts the two are all by themselves in Chase’s room and mister Cooper intends to make full use of his buddy’s ass tonight. He does caress and kiss him all over his body and offers one sweet blowjob before he gets on to his work. Then he turns him on his belly and puts him doggie style to fuck him. So watch as the horny hunk Chase gets his asshole fucked balls deep by Garrett today. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it and we will be bringing you more of JasonSparks next week with another amazing gallery. Until next time, visit the www.nextdoorbuddies.us site and see other horny gays fucking!


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Garrett Cooper and Zack Taylor

Today we have another Jason Sparks update all ready for you guys. Well it’s without Jason but it’s still great. Even though he’s missing from this one he gave two of his buddies the opportunity to star in their very own scene for this one. The two guys are named Garrett Cooper and Zack Taylor and you can bet that the two horny hunks know how to have a very good time when they’re all alone. And this time they’d be putting their little sex show on for the cameras as they really want to make a very good first impression for everyone. So let’s get this show started.

JasonSparks decided to let this two fuck buddies of him to have some share of the spot lights for today since he’s never disappointed by their performance every time they fucked. So let’s see what they’ve got. You’ll be able to see as Garrett bending over for his buddy Zack as the latter does a fine job putting his cock up his ass. Watch as Zack goes balls deep in his friend’s ass today and enjoy guys. We hope this was to your liking, so watch it and wait for the next week’s update as we’ll have some more porn all ready for you to see. For similar galleries come inside www.fraternityx.org website and enjoy watching other hot gays fucking.


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JasonSparks – Hardcore gay gangbang

Hey there once again everyone, JasonSparks returns today with more superb content for you to enjoy. Turns out that this fine day your favorite gay porn star had his birthday and he just had to organize one amazing fuck fest with all of his fuck buddies and get it on camera. So he went ahead and all day he kept making calls to call them to the hard style sex session. Some of them were really busy and couldn’t attend, but most of them were present and ready to give this birthday guy a good fucking for tonight. So sit back and let’s get this show started.

As the whole Jason Sparks porn shoot starts off, the guests keep on arriving and Jason makes a nice job of welcoming each and every one of them. This porn scene was going to become something great. So without further due, sit back and enjoy as all the guys start off by kissing and caressing each other. And then they form into groups of three with one guy in each group being on the receiving end as two big cocks would fuck his ass and mouth. Watch as everyone gets to have an amazing time today fucking and sucking some hard cocks for your viewing pleasure. Check out Marcus Mojo‘s website if you are looking for other videos and picture galleries featuring horny gays.


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Jason Sparks – With Hayden Michaels and Brian Bonds

Hey there once again guys, we return today with some Jason Sparks videos for this one. Seems that Jason was bored with just shooting pictures so he decided to shoot a little movie instead. As always he couldn’t do this alone so he employed the help of some trusted buddies of his to help him out with the whole thing. So they got to have everything covered, the cameras, the setting and all. JasonSparks sure treats his friends well and they’re sure to treat him even better after this incredible update today.

As the Jason Sparks porn scene starts, Jason and two of his friends start to kiss and caress one another’s hot bodies, and they soon get turned on enough. When they’ve had enough massages, the trio decides it’s time to start sucking some cock. So watch them as the kneel for one another to suck on those big pieces of man meat. Then see them as they go all out and balls deep fucking one another’s asses for your viewing pleasure. So let’s not waste any more time and enjoy this hunk’s sex parties. Bye guys and see you next time with more of him. Until then, enter the tabloid men site and see some hot male celebs getting naked!


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Jason Sparks – Hardcore threesome

Jason Sparks returns this week with another update. To be fair it’s a continuation of last week’s fuck fest that went down at his place. Seems that even after the whole thing was considered a success and finished, Jason still managed to convince two of the guys to stay a bit more for a nice after party. As the other guys left when it got dark, the three remaining guys decided to continue their little fuck party long into the night and they weren’t going to stop until they’d have their fill of hard cock for the whole evening.

Watch as the horny and naughty JasonSparks takes his buddies up to the bedroom where they continue the fuck fest. he makes sure to lock the front door though, they don’t want any more uninvited visitors to disturb them for tonight. As they start off the thing they start to kiss passionately and caress one another’s ripped bodies and then the hot hunks bend over to present each other with their tight asses for a good fucking. Watch them enjoy their little after party for tonight and enjoy guys. Check out the http://czechhunter.info site if you wanna see some hot Czech guys getting fucked for cash!


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